Golden Nuggets of Wisdom

Find Your Oasis

I’m an introvert and I need to recharge after a busy and stressful week. Here are a few ways to create your oasis.

I acknowledge that we don’t all have the best or calmest living situations. If you do have a place you can recharge and call home, then just add these ideas to your list.

For the bookworm…or someone who HIGHLY values silence:

Library: I like the Jefferson Market Library the most and I appreciate its history. It was an old court house before… oh and there is 99 cent pizza down the street too.

There is also a pet store down the street where you can look at puppies in the window display. Make your day a little happier and get a great book without breaking your budget.

Bookstore: I would recommend Strand Bookstore, but sometimes it’s nice to go to smaller local bookstores where you can sit and read. They are a little less busy.

For the person who is tired of seeing only buildings and wants to remember what summer feels like:

Parks: Take a stroll in Central Park and treat yourself with a great waffle from the Wafels & Dinges food truck while you’re at it.

Or just sit in the sun at Washington Square Park and listen to some nice live jazz music as corgis walk by you. Happiness is just a train stop and a good attitude away.

For the person who can find peace and solitude in oddly crowded yet lonely places:


You can put headphones in, read a book, or maybe even write an amazing book based on the crazy stories you eavesdrop on. Who knew that you could get such a good story by listening to soccer dads on their way to a game?

Find God in Every Space

Never forget that your Church can be a place of calmness and serenity. If you can’t make it, then have your own little worship time to refresh and escape from the world for a while.

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