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Staying Healthy with a Demanding Job

An article called How to Stay Fitted with a Busy Office Job, by Dress to Impress, is such an excellent post about making time for your health.

Although working out is great and necessary, the post explains different ways to optimize your time and be healthier. She discusses how important breakfast and a cup of warm lemon water are for your health.

You want to pace yourself. If you are truly pushing yourself too hard between working a 9-5 (or longer), working out, and your other obligations, you may want to give yourself break days.

Don’t go to the gym on your one or two busy days, but eat well and stay healthy in other ways.

Breakfast really does fuel your day!!!

Start off with lemon water like Dress to Impress suggests. Or even start with tea. Just make sure to stay hydrated because you will be able to think and function better.

Here are some breakfast ideas in addition to those listed in the post.

Make oatmeal fresh or make overnight oats if you really need to be on-the-go. Overnight oats also make for a good snack. Add nuts, fruits, honey, cinnamon, the works!

Or try out a smoothie. Smoothies are also portable. I recommend using a good protein powder to sustain your appetite throughout the day. My favorite smoothie products are from Tropeaka. They are suitable for a more sensitive stomach because most don’t contain dairy, soy, or gluten! Bless!!

A smoothie coupled with lemon water will help you start your day without a stomach ache. What a dream!

Start Your Morning Right!

Take a minute and think about how you can make sure you are making healthy decisions in the morning.

Let me know if you have any more suggestions for improving your morning! Leave a comment with a post suggestion.

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