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How to Sleep Better

A majority of the time, the reason you can’t sleep is that you are too stressed.

I’ll speak from personal experience. If I am too stressed, my list of things to do runs through my mind the whole night. First, you have probably heard of turning off your devices before bed. I recommend this or at least using the night mode.

I also recommend not doing work (school or otherwise) immediately before bed.

The thing that helps me the most is cleaning my space, especially during this time of the year.
Do you ever feel so stressed that your mind almost feels cluttered?

No worries! The first step to clearing your mind for bed is to clean your living space. If everything is already clean then just tidy up a bit.

Step 1: Get rid of things you no longer use or need.

  • Clothes
  • Food in your fridge
  • Makeup
  • Old school work/paperwork
  • Clutter in general

Step 2: Tidy up and reorganize.

  • Put things where they are meant to be. You will optimize your time by not having to search for your belongings.
  • Staying tidy makes it easier for you to figure out if you are running out of something before it’s too late. reorganize.

My bedtime ritual is as follows:

  • Make sure everything is organized and ready for the next day.
  • Try not to save any work for the morning.
  • If I am super stressed, I’ll work out at night.
  • Take a shower.

Then it’s time to be extra:

  • Tea
  • Worship music
  • Meditate and reflect
  • Heating pack
  • Candle
  • Stretching
  • Talking with a friend

If you still can’t sleep, try to journal about everything on your mind. Write down every worry, every fear, and every stressor.

Prayer: God I am releasing my worries. Thank you for the day you have given me and the opportunities you have provided me. Please help me to relax, stay calm, and sleep well so that I can be prepared for tomorrow.

– Amen

Turn the page and write something you are excited to do tomorrow.

Then try to go to sleep. Don’t forget your eye mask! It does wonders.

Happy Sleeping!

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